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  Shanghai HW Additive Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and dealing in pharmaceutical chemical products and plant abstraction products. It is affiliated to Shanghai Shenda (Group) Co., Ltd, which is its holding company with a total assets of RMB5.5 billion and sales volume of RMB5.5 billion. The products of pharmaceutical intermediates are mainly divided into four series, including cyanoacetic acid and derivatives, pyrimidines and derivatives, purines and derivatives, and nucleosides. Our production capacity and scale are currently comparatively large in the domestic market. The main products are as follows: 2,4,5-triamino-6-hydroxy pyrimidine sulfate, 2,4,5,6-tetraamino pyrimidine sulfate or hydrochloride, guanine, 2,5-diamino-4, 6-dihydroxy pyrimidine hydrochloride, ethyl cyanoacetate, uracil, 6-chloro guanine, and other related products. The enterprises affiliated to the company are as follows: Shanghai HW Additive factory, Hwadd-PlantⅠ, Hwadd-plantⅡ, Hwadd-Plant Ⅲ, Hwadd-Plant Ⅳ, Hwadd-R&D Center. Our annual sales volume reaches to an total amount of USD 15,000,000.00.

SHANGHAI HW ADDITIVE PLANT I mainly manufactured the pyrimidine , purine ,pterine ,nucleoside and relative derivatives. ( HWADD-I)

SHANGHAI HW ADDITIVE PLANT II is our R&D center and Analysis & Test center.

SHANGHAI HW ADDITIVE CO., LTD. mainly manufactured pharmaceutical intermediate and directly exporting our products to foreign countries and dealing with relative IMP & EXP business affiliated to SHANGHAI DP GROUP CORPORATION.

SHANGHAI SHENDA GROUP CO.,LTD mainly invested in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT, herb-extract products, real estate, finance investment and relative fields.





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